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As you are aware of, the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Clause 7.6.1 states that “(Accredited) laboratories shall identify the contributions to measurement uncertainty. When evaluating measurement uncertainty, all contributions that are of significance, including those arising from sampling, shall be taken into account using appropriate methods of analysis.”

If your laboratory is involved routinely in site sampling followed by laboratory analysis for 

– environmental baseline studies, 

– contaminated site surveys, 

– production QC checks / issuing Certificates of Quality, and/or, 

– swimming pool water/potable water tank / trade effluent discharge, 

you are then expected to evaluate your measurement uncertainty covering both sampling and analytical uncertainties. 

Sub-sampling of the laboratory sample received for analysis however, does not require the evaluation of sampling uncertainty as it is considered to be part of your testing procedure.  

However, you have to ensure the test sample taken for analysis is representative of the laboratory sample received. So, you shall have a sub-sampling method in your SOP.

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