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Have you ever carried out measurement uncertainty evaluation of your analytical methods as required by the ISO/IEC 17025 standard? 

Did you use the ISO GUM (bottom-up) method and find it to be tedious and time consuming due to having to assess various uncertainty components in each and every step of the test procedure? 

Have you heard of the various top-down approaches in estimating the measurement uncertainty by studying the overall method performance in terms of precision, reproducibility and trueness? 

Indeed, today many test laboratories have switched over to some top-down approaches but apparently have not grabbed the gist of doing it right yet as noted during our audits.

Our up-coming free 1-hour webinar series No. 6 will touch on one of the popular top-down approaches by using the quality control chart method to assess the uncertainty of measurement. This much simpler method is dynamic in nature, producing up-to-date uncertainty estimate of your measurement if you have been carrying out routine quality checks in your analytical process.

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Topic: Use of quality control chart to evaluate measurement uncertainty for test laboratories

Time: October 26, 2020 @ 08:00 PM Singapore  (GMT +8)

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