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Estimation of both sampling and measurement uncertainties by Excel ANOVA Data Analysis tool

Sampling and analysis

Estimation of sampling and analytical uncertainties using Excel Data Analysis toolpak

In the previous blog ,  we used the basic ANOVA principles to analyze the total chromium Cr data for the estimation of measurement uncertainty covering both sampling and analytical uncertainties….

Sampling randomization – Part II


In selecting random samples for analysis, it is necessary to generate random numbers.  Random numbers also are used for simulations and can be used to create sample datasets.   Random numbers can be generated in a number of different ways ……

Randomization – Part II

Sampling randomization – Part I


We have been talking about the importance of carrying out random sampling for laboratory analysis.  What is actually randomization?

Randomization – Part I

Sampling designs for uncertainty estimation


Experimental sampling designs for uncertainty estimation

Notes on sampling in chemical measurement


Notes on sampling in chemical measurement

Statistics and sampling strategy

Statistics and sampling strategy

Sampling uncertainty: Between-group & within-group variation

Sampling uncertainty – Between group n within group variation


Sampling Theory: What is a sampling distribution?

Sampling Theory and sampling distribution

Sampling strategies – Part I


General Discussion on Sampling Statistics

General discussion on Sampling Statistics