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The concept of measurement uncertainty – a new perspective

Since the publication of the newly revised ISO/IEC 17025:2017, measurement uncertainty evaluation has expanded its coverage to include sampling uncertainty as well because ISO has recognized that sampling uncertainty can be a serious factor in the final test result obtained from a given sample ……

The concept of measurement uncertainty – a new pespective


A worked example to estimate sampling precision & measurement uncertainty

Soil sampling B1

Nearly all analysis requires the taking of a sample, a procedure which itself introduces uncertainty into the final test result.  Hence a measurement uncertainty should cover both the uncertainties of sampling and analysis….

A worked example to estimate sampling precision and MU

One-way ANOVA by first principle – an illustration

To understand how to go about evaluating sampling uncertainty and quality control of sampling, we must be familiar with the basic analysis of variance ANOVA principles….

An illustration of One-way ANOVA


How to interpret an ANOVA table?


ANOVA revisited


The arithmetic of ANOVA calculations


How to apply the LSD method?


Study of one-way ANOVA with a fixed-effect factor


Introducing ANOVA


Further notes on data transformations

Further short notes on data transformations