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Public short courses and workshops are being scheduled and will be announced as and when available.

They can also be conducted in-house for you to reap maximum benefits on cost saving and to have worked examples tailored to your own type of laboratory works.

Enquiries are most welcome.  Please contact

Hands-on training courses on offer in 2020/21

  • GLP/SC/01 Practical statistical tools for test laboratories (2 days)
  • GLP/SC/02 The GUM bottom-up evaluation technique of measurement uncertainty for chemical testing (2 days)
  • GLP/SC/03 Alternative top-down approaches to measurement uncertainty evaluation for chemical & microbiological testing (1 day)
  • GLP/SC/04 Method validation and verification techniques for test laboratory (2 days)
  • GLP/SC/05 Internal audit techniques for ISO 17025 accredited laboratories (2 days)
  • GLP/SC/06 Elements of quality assurance & quality control in chemical laboratories (1.5 day)
  • GLP/SC/07 Understanding the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation standards (2 days for new applicants)                
  • GLP/SC/08 Measurement uncertainty of microbiological colony counts using “top-down” approaches (1 day)  
  • GLP/SC/09 Sampling and sampling uncertainty estimation  (1-day)
  • GLP/SC/10 Introducing risk-based thinking and decision rule for conformity testing as per ISO/IEC 17025:2017 requirements

These short courses are specifically designed for laboratory directors, managers, chemists, microbiologists, laboratory analysts and whoever interested in improving their skills in laboratory quality management.

In-house training can be arranged to tailor for your specific testing.

Contact for details:

An unexpected good participation at the recent workshop on Risk-based Thinking and Decision Rule for compliance testing in Kuala Lumpur

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