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Applications of statistics provide basic steps for you to evaluate test data obtained because most measurements are made on samples but you need to estimate or infer what you would get in the population from which the samples are drawn.  You have also to assess the level of confidence on the test results because you never know the true value of the measurand in the sample tested.  Discussions get even more complicated when the evaluation  of measurement uncertainty and the planning of experimental design are looked upon.

Most chemists and laboratory analysts like you feel that statistics is a difficult subject to master.  In my opinion, this is not true.   Once the concept of a statistical subject is understood, the calculations that follow are very much arithmetic in the approach. .


We will post blogs regularly on various subjects of interest in simple language, paricularly on how to apply popular software like Excel and R programming language in statistics, and hope to provoke your interest for further discussion.

Your comments and communication with us on this topic are most welcome.

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