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Determining Outliers

In your routine laboratory analysis, you tend to do a repeat when the duplicate results are far apart. However, when the third figure seems to be much closer to one of the duplicates, you might want to discard the other result and take the average of those closer to one another for reporting.  Is this statistically justifiable?

Do you know there are many outlier statistic tests to determine an outlying data from a series of replicated data?  Which one would you like to use?

I shall be conducting our 7th one-hour free webinar on Determination of Outliers on Monday 11 January 2021 at 8.00pm via Zoom to discuss the pros and cons of these methods. 

You are most welcome to join the Webinar.  We shall send you a Zoom link upon receipt of your expression of interest to my email:

Let’s  study applied statistics together!

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