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A list of published international documents in relation to the use of top down MU approaches (not exhaustive)

  • ISO 21748:2010 Guidance for the use of repeatability, reproducibility and trueness estimates in measurement uncertainty estimation
  • ISO 11095:1996 (2012) Linear calibration using reference materials
  • ISO 11352:2012 Water quality — Estimation of measurement uncertainty based on validation and quality control data
  • ISO 19036:2006 Microbiology of food and animal feeding stuffs — Guidelines  for the estimation of measurement uncertainty for quantitative determinations Amd1:2009: Measurement uncertainty for low counts
  • ISO 29201:2012 Water Quality – The variability of test results and the uncertainty of measurement of microbiological enumeration methods
  • ISO Guide 98-3/Suppl. 1 Uncertainty of measurement Part 3: Guide to the expression of uncertainty of measurement  Supplement 1 : Propagation of distributions using a Monte Carlo method
  • BS 8496:2007   Water quality. Enumeration of micro-organisms in water samples

  • ASTM D2554-07 Estimating and monitoring the uncertainty of test results of a test method in a single laboratory using a control sample program
  • ASTM D6299-08 Applying statistical quality assurance and control charting techniques to evaluate analytical measurement system performance
  • ASTM E2093-05 Optimizing controlling and reporting test method uncertainty from multiple workstations in the same laboratory organization
  • EuroLab Technical Report No. 1/2006 Guide to the Evaluation of Measurement Uncertainty for Quantitative Test Results
  • NORDIC Technical Report TR 537 Edition 3.1 Handbook for Calculation of Measurement Uncertainty in Environmental Laboratories
  • A2LA G108 – Guidelines for Estimating Uncertainty for Microbiological Counting Methods
  • NMKL Procedure No. 8 (2002) Measurement of uncertainty in microbiological examination of foods.
  • CNAS-GL34:2013 基于质控数据环境检测测量不确定度评定指南  Guidance for measurement uncertainty evaluation based on quality control data in environmental testing




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